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Committed to Making a Difference Everyday!


Calvin T. Mann encourages high school to stand up for Respect Day!


Calvin T. Mann & EMIY Future Leaders featured in 8 Mile Corn video "Together We Can!"


Calvin T. Mann encourages high school to stand up for Respect Day!

Latest News
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Calvin T. Mann recently   completed his second book project for kids!  The Adventures of Oba & Luther! 

This classic tale of friendship, life lessons, and leadership is a fresh perspective and outlook for boys to draw courage and learn the value

of self-respect and the respect of others.  Coming this fall to bookstores and literacy outlets near you!

 Also available for your encouragement is the family 40-Day journaling book, JUST  ASK. This is a healthy way for families to find out just how grateful and blessed they really are!  It provides gentle guidance to individuals and families on how to pray, listen, and grow the personal relationship with God through everyday living and observation. 


Order books online by contacting us today.    

Legacy Training for Fathers

The value and understanding of a man's legacy is the keystone to how people, family, friends, and the community recognize the significance of his impact and the influence of his life.

This workshop format can take the shape of a 2 hour, 4 hour, or 8 hour engagement with men ready to step up or expand their relationships with children, family, & community.

In-School Leadership Development for Boys 

Leadership is an essential tool in the healthy development of boys.  By building the character and expectation in boys starting at age 8 this worthy investment places them on a trajectory for success. 

By meeting them in the educational setting, success becomes the goal and discipline becomes the fuel!

Private Coaching & Life Skills for Athletes

When an athlete makes a decision to take their talent and skills to the next level the need for an innovative approach is necessary. The challenges to the athlete, family and their way of life begins to change.  If you are looking to go to the next level in your performance, attitude, and/or team engagement then this maybe your NEXT BIG STEP!

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